Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Files Subpanel

Use the Files subpanel to:


Table 4-4 Controls on the Files Subpanel
 Icon Name Click Behavior Drop Behavior
Graphic Home FolderOpens File Manager view of $HOME Opens File Manager view of dropped folder
Graphic Open Floppy Loads a diskette in drive and displays File Manager view of it. None
Graphic Open CD-ROM Loads a CD-ROM volume in drive and displays a File Manager view of it None
Graphic Properties Opens Properties dialog box with no file selected Opens Properties dialog box for file or folder dropped
Graphic Encryption Prompts for the file to be encrypted and the encryption key Encrypts and replaces an unencrypted file; decrypts and replaces an encrypted file
Graphic Compress File Prompts for file to be compressed Compresses and replaces an uncompressed file; decompresses and replaces a compressed file
Graphic Archive Prompts for file or folder to be archived Archives and replaces dropped file or folder
Graphic Find File Opens File Finder in default mode Searches for dropped text as file or folder name