Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Technical Issues and Support

System administrators will find Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide (available via the AnswerBook2 viewer) useful for resolving configuration and administration issues.

System administrators investigating possible bugs should register with SunSolveTM, the Sun Microsystems online information, FAQ, and patch service; click SunSolve Online for more details. For help with specific problems that may require interaction with technical support, click on Solaris Support.

The following table describes the Help subpanel controls.

Table 4-10 Help Subpanel Controls



Click Behavior 

Drop Behavior 



Help Manager (duplicate of Main Panel control)

Opens a Help Viewer window displaying the top level of help information  

Dropping a master volume file (*.sdl) opens that help volume

Graphic SunSolve Online Opens a browser for the Sun Microsystems documentation and FAQ web site None
Graphic Solaris Support Opens a browser for the Sun Microsystems download site for patches, and technical support None
Graphic Information Opens the Information folder in Application Manager None
Graphic Desktop Introduction Displays the Introducing the Desktop help volume None



Front Panel Help

Displays the Front Panel help volume 




On Item Help

Provides on-item help for the Front Panel. Click this control, then click the control on which you want help. 





Displays the AnswerBook2 viewer if you have AnswerBook2 installed.