Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Verifying and Transferring a Package Task Map

Table 4-1 describes the steps you should follow in order to verify your package's integrity and transfer it to a distribution medium.

Table 4-1 Verifying and Transferring a Package Task Map



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1. Build Your Package 

Build your package on disk. 

Chapter 2, Building a Package

2. Install Your Package 

Test your package by installing it and making sure that it installs without errors. 

"How to Install a Package on a Standalone or Server" and "How to Add a Package to a Diskless or AutoClient System's Root File System"

2. Verify Your Package's Integrity 

Use the pkgchk command to verify the integrity of your package. 

"How to Verify the Integrity of Your Package"

3. Obtain Other Package Information 

Optional. Use the pkginfo and pkgparam commands to perform package-specific verification.

"Displaying Additional Information About Installed Packages"

4. Remove the Installed Package 

Use the pkgrm command to remove your installed package from the system

"How to Remove a Package" and "How to Remove a Package From a Diskless or AutoClient System"

5. Transfer Your Package to a Distribution Medium 

Use the pkgtrans command to transfer your package (in package format) to a distribution medium.

"How to Transfer Your Package to a Distribution Medium"