Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Command Syntax

The various ways to invoke Helpview are:


-helpVolume volume

Specifies the name of the volume.sdl file you want to view. A path name is not required unless the volume is not in the current directory and the volume has not been registered.

-locationId id

Specifies an ID. dthelpview displays the topic that contains id. If you do not specify an ID, Helpview uses _hometopic by default.


Displays a dialog that prompts for a man page to view, then displays the requested man page.

-manPage man

Specifies that a particular man page be displayed.

-file filename

Specifies that a particular text file be displayed.

The default volume and id can be set in dthelpview's app-defaults file, /usr/dt/app-defaults/C/Dthelpview.

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