Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

HelpTag Output

The output from HelpTag is a run-time help volume, named volume.sdl. If any errors occurred during processing, they are reported in an error file (volume.err). If no errors were encountered, the volume.err file contains copyright information and several status lines.

Setting the onerror=go option in your helptag.opt file allows the parser to continue processing (if possible) after encountering an error. Without the onerror=go option, the parser halts when the first error is detected. The volume.sdl file is not created until the source file is without errors.

The volume.sdl file, plus your graphics files, are read by the Help System to display help topics. The run-time help file has the same base name as your volume.htg file. For example, if your volume.htg is named Librarian.htg, then the help volume name is Librarian.sdl.

Caution - Caution -

Never rename a run-time help file or graphics file after running HelpTag. The information stored in the volume.sdl file depends on the original names. If you rename your volume.htg file or any of your graphic files, be sure to rerun HelpTag.