Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Run the dthelptag Command Manually

    Run the dthelptag command as follows:

dthelptag  command-options  volume  parser-options

Where command-options are options entered before the volume name and parser-options are options entered after the volume name. "Processing HelpTag Files (dthelptag)" lists all available options.

Example: Commands

The following command processes a help volume named MyVolume:

dthelptag MyVolume

Using the -verbose option causes the progress of the processing to be displayed on your screen:

dthelptag -verbose MyVolume

Adding a search path enables HelpTag to find files stored in a subdirectory (of the current directory) named graphics:

dthelptag -verbose MyVolume search=graphics

Example: A helptag.opt File

Here's a sample helptag.opt file showing that each option is on a separate line. It would be appropriate for creating a draft version of the volume.


Before producing the final version of the help volume, you would remove the memo and onerror=go lines.

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