Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


Abbreviated title: Indicates an alternate, typically shorter, heading for a topic that has a long title. When an abbreviated title is provided, it is used in the Index and History dialog boxes rather than the full title.

If a heading contains a graphical element, you must provide an <abbrev> that contains only the text of the heading. Although the graphic image can be displayed in the topic tree, the Index and History dialog boxes cannot display graphic elements.

An <abbrev> should not contain any markup.


<topic-element> title
<abbrev> short title

Where topic-element is <hometopic>, <chapter>, <s1>, or any other element that begins a new topic.

The <abbrev> tag must appear on the line immediately following the heading.

An end tag is not required.


Here is a simple example:

<chapter> Ways of Treating Headings that are Too Long
<abbrev> Long Headings

Suppose you want to have a topic that doesn't have its title displayed in the help topic display area, but you do want a title to appear in the topic tree. The following markup shows how this can be done:

<chapter> &empty;

<abbrev> chapter title

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