Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


"Home" or top-level help topic: Identifies the start of the top-level help topic.


 topic text begins here ...

There is only one home topic for a help volume. It comes after the meta information (<metainfo>) and before the first <chapter> or <s1>.

The <hometopic> element does not support an author-defined ID. The HelpTag software assigns the predefined ID _hometopic.

To create a hyperlink to the home topic, use this syntax:

<link hyperlink= "_hometopic">...<\link>. 


 <hometopic>Welcome to Online Help
 This is the home topic for the online help ...
 <chapter>First Subtopic
 This is the first subtopic ...

 <chapter>Second Subtopic
 This is the second subtopic ...

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