Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


<link hyperlink [type] ["description"]>text<\link> 


<link hyperlink= "hyperlink" [type=type] [description= "description"]> 

The hyperlink attribute, which is required, is a value that identifies the destination or the behavior for the link. For a standard "jump" link, hyperlink is the ID of the element you want to jump to.

The type parameter can have the following values:


Default. Jumps to the topic that contains the ID hyperlink.


JumpNewViewJumps to the topic that contains the ID hyperlink, but requests that the hosting application display the topic in a new window.


Displays, in a temporary pop-up window, the topic that contains the ID hyperlink.


Executes the hyperlink string as a command.


Displays a man page using the hyperlink string as the parameter to the man command.


Sends the hyperlink string to the hosting application for special processing.

The text between the start and end tag becomes the "hot spot" that the user will choose to invoke the link. Any word or phrase used as a hyperlink is underlined when displayed. Capitalization is not significant for the hyperlink and type values.

A hyperlink that executes a command is called an execution link. The command to be executed can be included in the <link> command or defined as an execution alias, which is a type of resource. For information about using execution links, see "Execution Link Control".