Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Create an Application-Defined Link

    Use the <link> element with the AppDefined parameter as shown:

<link hyperlink="data" AppDefined>text<\link>  

Where data is a text string passed to the application when the link is invoked and text is the hyperlink.


Suppose you are writing help for an application that prints three styles of reports. You might create three hyperlinks like this:

Choose a report type:
<list plain tight>
* <link hyperlink="Report-Daily" AppDefined>Daily Report<\link>
* <link hyperlink="Report-Month-To-Date" AppDefined>MTD Report<\link>
* <link hyperlink="Report-Year-To-Date" AppDefined>YTD Report<\link>

If your application is set up to handle these special links and to interpret the hyperlink strings, it could generate the appropriate report based on the hyperlink chosen by the user.

For a complete example, refer to the sample application code located in the /usr/dt/share/examples/dthelp directory.