Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Create a Man Page Link

    Use the <link> element as shown:

<link manpage Man>text<\link> 

To request a man page from a particular section, use the hyperlink parameter like this:

<link hyperlink="section manpage" Man>text<\link> 

For man page links, the hyperlink parameter is the same string you would enter if executing the man command in a terminal emulator window.

Note -

If you are writing help for an application and you include any man page links, your application must include special support for man pages. See "To Display a Man Page". (The desktop Help Viewer includes support for man page links.)


Here's a link that displays the man page for the grep command:

Refer to the <link grep Man> grep(1)<\link> command.

"Man" is a keyword for the <link> element, so if you want to create a link that displays the man page for the man command, you must use the hyperlink parameter:

Refer to the <link hyperlink="man" Man>man(1)<\link> command.

To display a man page in a particular section, precede the man page name with the section number. The following link displays the "mkdir" man page from section 2 (which is different from the man page of the same name in section 1):

Refer to the <link hyperlink= "2 mkdir" Man>mkdir(2)<\link> command.

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