Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Create a Definition Link

    If you are linking to a term in the glossary, use the <term> element as shown:


Or, use the shorthand form:


Whenever you use the <term> element, be sure you include the corresponding definition in the Glossary.

If you are linking to a topic within the same help volume, use the <link> element as shown:

<link id Definition>text<\link>  

Where id is a topic ID (or the ID of an element within the topic) and text is the portion of your help text that you want to be the active hyperlink. The Definition keyword specifies that the link should pop-up a quick help dialog box.

Or, if you are linking to a topic in another help volume, use the <link> element as shown:

<link hyperlink="volume id" Definition>text<\link> 

If the other volume is registered, the volume parameter is just the base name of the volume file. If the volume is not registered, you must include a complete path name to the volume.


The following link creates a definition link that displays the copyright topic in the meta information:

<link hyperlink="_copyright" type=Definition>Version Information<\link> 

The phrase "Version Information" becomes the hyperlink text (dashed underline).

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