OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

Getting Help

Whenever you see the ok prompt on the display, you can ask the system for help by typing one of the help commands shown in Table 1-4.

Table 1-4 Help Commands




List main help categories. 

help category

Show help for all commands in the category. Use only the first word of the category description. 

help command

Show help for individual command (where available). 

help, without any specifier, displays instructions on how to use the help system and lists the available help categories. Because of the large number of commands, help is available only for commands that are used frequently.

If you want to see the help messages for all the commands in a selected category, or, possibly, a list of subcategories, type:

ok help category 

If you want help for a specific command, type:

ok help command 

For example, when you ask for information on the dump command, you might see the following message:

ok help dump
Category: Memory access
dump ( addr length -- ) display memory at addr for length bytes

The above help message first shows that dump is a command from the Memory access category. The message also shows the format of the command.

Note -

In some newer systems, descriptions of additional machine-specific commands are available with the help command. Help as described may not be available on all systems.