OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

Displaying System Information

The User Interface provides one or more commands to display system information. banner is provided by all OpenBoot implementations; the remaining commands represent extensions provided by some implementations. These commands, listed in Table 2-3, let you display the system banner, the Ethernet address for the Ethernet controller, the contents of the ID PROM, and the version number of OpenBoot. (The ID PROM contains information specific to each individual machine, including the serial number, date of manufacture, and Ethernet address assigned to the machine.)

Table 2-3 System Information Commands




Display power-on banner. 


Display list of installed and probed SBus devices. 


Display current Ethernet address. 


Display ID PROM contents, formatted. 


Display a list of processor-dependent trap types. 


Display version and date of the boot PROM. 


Display processor and bus speeds. 

Also see the device tree browsing commands in Table 1-3.