OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

Using the Disassembler

The built-in disassembler translates the contents of memory into equivalent assembly language.

Table 6-1 lists commands that disassemble memory into equivalent opcodes.

Table 6-1 Disassembler Commands


Stack Diagram 



( -- ) 

Continue disassembling where the last disassembly left off. 


( addr -- ) 

Begin disassembling at the specified address. 

dis begins to disassemble the data content of any desired location. The system pauses when:

Disassembly can then be stopped or the +dis command can be used to continue disassembling at the location where the last disassembly stopped.

Memory addresses are normally shown in hexadecimal. However, if a symbol table is present, memory addresses are displayed symbolically whenever possible.