OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

Displaying the Device Tree

You can browse the device tree to examine and modify individual device tree nodes. The device tree browsing commands are similar to the SolarisTM TMcommands for changing, displaying and listing the current directory in the Solaris directory tree. Selecting a device node makes it the current node.

The User Interface commands for browsing the device tree are shown in Table 1-3.

Table 1-3 Commands for Browsing the Device Tree




Display the names and values of the current node's properties. 

dev device-path

Choose the indicated device node, making it the current node. 

dev node-name

Search for a node with the given name in the subtree below the current node, and choose the first such node found. 

dev ..

Choose the device node that is the parent of the current node. 

dev /

Choose the root machine node. 


Leave the device tree. 

" device-path" find-device

Choose device node, similar to dev.


Display the names of the current node's children. 


Display the device path name that names the current node. 

see wordname

Decompile the specified word. 

show-devs [device-path]

Display all the devices directly beneath the specified device in the device tree. show-devs used by itself shows the entire device tree.


Display the names of the current node's methods. 

" device-path" select-dev

Select the specified device and make it the active node. 

.properties displays the names and values of all the properties in the current node:

ok dev /zs@1,f0000000 
ok .properties 
address               ffee9000 
device_type           serial 
slave                 00000001 
intr                  0000000c  00000000 
interrupts            0000000c 
reg                   00000001  f0000000  00000008 
name                  zs

dev sets the current node to the named node so its contents can be viewed. For example, to make the ACME company's SBus device named "ACME,widget" the current node:

ok dev /sbus/ACME,widget

find-device is essentially identical to dev differing only in the way the input pathname is passed.

ok " /sbus/ACME,widget" find-device

Note -

After choosing a device node with dev or find-device, you can't execute that node's methods because dev does not establish the current instance. For a detailed explanation of this issue, refer toWriting FCode 3.x Programs.

show-devs lists all the devices in the OpenBoot device tree, as shown in the following example:

ok show-devs 

Here is an example of the use of words:

ok dev /zs 
ok words 
ring-bell  	    read           remove-abort? 	install-abort   
close      	    open           abort?        	restore 
clear          reset          initkbdmouse	   keyboard-addr mouse 
1200baud       setbaud        initport       port-addr