SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

atmtest Options

Figure 3-1 atmtest Option Menu


Table 3-1 atmtest Options




The Post Address, Host ID, and Domain Name of the system being tested. 

Total Packets 

The total number of packets sent. The default number of packets sent is 10000. 

Number of VC 

The number of virtual circuits to be set up by one instance. The default number of virtual circuits is 2for each instance. The atmtest uses these two virtual circuits to send out messages simultaneously. The message is received in sending order.


Enables the user to select either the external loopback field or internal loopback field. The default selection is the external loopback field. A loopback connector is only needed for external loopback testing. 


The maximum packet length to be used by the test to send out the data. The default number is 9140. 


Describes the maximum number of outstanding packets. atmtest stops sending messages when the outstanding packet count is more than the number of packets this field specifies.


Enables the user to set up the starting virtual circuit number to be used for each atmtest instance. atmtest can automatically avoid virtual circuit numbers that have already been used.


Enables the user to select different bandwidths to test. The default number is 14.