SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

Printer Test Hardware and Software Requirements

The SBus printer card and device drivers must be installed to run lpvitest or bpptest. A printer must be connected to the SPARCprinter or bidirectional parallel port, and be powered-up. If both a SPARCprinter and a parallel port printer are connected to the SBus card, you can test both devices at the same time.

Note -

For a SPARCstation 10, SPARCstation LX, or SPARCclassic system, you can connect a printer directly to the onboard parallel port to run bpptest.

If you are testing the SPARCprinter port, be sure the magnets on the SPARCprinter paper tray are set to the correct paper size. For more information, see the SPARCprinter Installation and User's Guide and the label on the paper tray.