SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

bpptest Test Modes

This test supports Connection and Functional test modes.

Table 5-2 bpptest Test Modes

Test Mode 


Connection Test 

In his mod, bpptest verifies that a bidirectional parallel port is configured on the system. The success of the bpptest in this mode indicates that the system has the bidirectional parallel port hardware and the software driver is installed.

Functional Test 

The testing done in this mode is the same as in the online mode, except that the test registers a failure if the port is found busy. This is because SunVTS tests make the assumption that all the resources will be available for testing in the Functional test and therefore the unavailability of the device is interpreted as an indication of a fault condition. 


If you invoke SunVTS through SyMON, the following Functional test description applies: the test attempts to verify the functionality of the parallel port and the path between the parallel port and the host memory. An internal loopback test is performed and if a printer is attached to the port, a data pattern is transferred to the printer.