SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

cdtest Test Modes

This test supports Connection and Functional tests.

Table 6-2 cdtest Test Modes

Test Mode 


Connection Test 

In this mode, cdtest verifies that a CD-ROM drive is connected to and configured in the system.

Functional Test 

This mode is similar to Online mode except that the test registers a failure if the device is found to be busy. This is because SunVTS tests make the assumption that all the resources will be available for testing in the Functional test and the unavailability of a device is interpreted as an indication of a fault condition. 


If you invoke SunVTS through SyMON, the following Functional Test description applies: This mode attempts to verify the functionality of the drive by accessing and reading the media in the drive. If the media contains audio and the audio test is enabled, cdtest tries to play it. Only a small percentage of the media is read, as this is sufficient to verify the functionality of the drive and keeps the test runtime from being unnecessarily extended.


If the device is found to be busy at the time of testing, the test exits after printing a message indicating that the device is unavailable for testing. The pass and error counts are unaffected.