SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

ffbtest Command Line Syntax

/opt/SUNWvts/bin/ffbtest standard_arguments -o dev=device_name, S=subtest_number,F=#_of_subtest_loops,B=#_of_test_loops,P=test_pattern

Table 16-3 ffbtest Command Line Syntax




device_name is the relative path name of the device being tested with respect to /dev/fbs; The default is ffb0.


subtest_number is the test number of the subtest to be run. Select from the subtests below. You can run multiple subtests by adding the subtest numbers. For example, n=0x3 runs both test 1 and test 2; n=0x180 runs both test 0x080 and test 0x0100. Note that you do not need the leading zeros.

n - 0x00001 3DRAM

n - 0x00002 3DRAM Logic

n - 0x00004 RAMDAC

n - 0x00008 Rendering Pipeline

n - 0x00010 FastFill/Vertical Scroll

n - 0x00020 Pixel Processor

n - 0x00040 Picking

n - 0x00080 Arbitration

n - 0x00100 Stereo

More than one test can be selected by ORing subtest numbers. For example: n = 0x00009 selects 3DRAM and Rendering Pipeline tests. A hex number must be preceded by 0x, decimal numbers are also acceptable.



Specifies the number of times to repeat each subtest; the default is 1. 


Specifies the number of times to repeat a test loop before passing; the default is 1. 


Specifies the test pattern number. The default is r, for random patterns. You may also choose 0 for 0x0000000, 3 for 0x3333333, 5 for 0x5555555, or 9 for 0x9999999.

Note -

64-bit tests are located in the sparcv9 subdirectory: /opt/SUNWvts/bin/sparcv9/testname. If a test is not present in this directory, then it may only be available as a 32-bit test. For more information refer to "32-Bit and 64-Bit Tests".