SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

ffbtest Test Modes

Due to the nature of graphic tests, reading from or writing to the frame buffer during graphic tests will disturb user operation. This test is only available in Functional Test and Stress Mode.

Table 16-2 ffbtest Test Modes

Test Mode 


Functional Test 

The ffbtest verifies both the single- (SFB) and double-buffered (DBZ) fast frame buffer boards.

Stress Mode 

Stress mode exercises the frame buffer as much as possible. The Random Test generator, constructed as part of the verification effort, is used. Starting from a known seed, random primitives with random attributes are generated. The primitives are checked to ensure that they were rendered in the same way as on a known good system. The test is repeated ten times, with each random picture overlaying the previous one. 

Stress is mode is not available on FFB2+ boards.