SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

gemtest Options

Figure 18-1 gemtest Option Menu


Refer to Table 18-1 for test parameter descriptions.

Table 18-1 gemtest Options
gemtest Options Description
 Configuration Specifies the Port Address, Host ID and Domain Name of the system under test.
 Total Packets Specifies the total number of the packets to send.The default number of packet is 1000.
 Packet size Determines the size (in bytes) of the packets to betransmitted. 60 <= packet size <= 1514. The default packet size is 1000 bytes
 Loopback Determines the external and internal loopback mode. The default setting is internal loopback mode.
 Print_Warning Enables or disable the printing of warningmessages. The default setting is Disable
 Processor Affinity Binds the test to a specific processor. If no processor is specified, the test migrates between processors. This option is only available on multiprocessor systems.