SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

scitest Test Modes

Connection, Functional and Online modes are supported by scitest. Different test schemes are performed on the network device based on the mode selected.

Table 30-2 scitest Test Modes

Test Mode 


Connection Test 

scitest checks if the device is connected. It searches through all the network interfaces for the specified device name. scitest finds the device not connected the test fails, otherwise, it returns device is connected.

Functional Test 

scitest performs all three tests (Random test, Incremental test, and Pattern test) sequentially. It allows you to specify an option in such a way that scitest performs a very stressful test.

 Functional mode through SyMON

If you invoke SunVTS through SyMON, the following test description applies: scitest is aware that the user's application may be running, it tries to minimize the influence on the application while it is testing by only running the random test. Since the network device is shared and system resources are available, applications will not be heavily impacted.