SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

sentest Options

Figure 31-1 sentest Options Menu


Table 31-1 sentest Options

sentest Option


Test Type 

Specifies the test to be performed. Norm test type performs normal testing as alarm enable/disable, alarm time setting, and drive LED on/off testing; Interactive test type reports the current enclosure status.


Specifies which subsystem's status in the enclosure is reported. Default is ALL. This test is only used with the inter test type and in Functional test. The test options are: 

oAlarm enable/disable status  

oDrive present status 

oDrive LED status 

oPower modules status 

oFan modules status 

oOver temperature, abs (abnormal, no immediate attention needed), chk (abnormal, immediate attention needed) status 

oAll of the above