SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

sptest Test Modes

sptest supports all three SunVTS test modes.

Table 34-4 sptest Test Modes

Test Mode 


Connection Test 

In this mode, the sptest tries to open the port to determine if the device is connected. If it fails and the port is not busy, the test exits with an error. If it is successful or fails with a busy or exclusive use error, then the port is considered connected, and the test passes.

Functional Test 

In Functional test, sptest performs the selected loopback test.

 Functional mode through SyMON

If you invoke SunVTS through SyMON, the following test description applies: sptest tries to minimize the impact on the applications that are running. The Online test runs in synchronous and asynchronous modes. If the device supports an internal loopback then the functional test is run utilizing the internal loopback. The zs(7D) device supports an internal synchronous loopback and the se(7d) device supports an internal asynchronous loopback.