NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Attribute-Intensive Applications

In contrast, most attribute-intensive applications are easily handled with less expensive networks. However, attribute-intensive applications require many networks. Use lower-speed networking media, such as Ethernet or Token Ring.

To configure networking when the primary application of the server is attribute-intensive:

More than 20 to 25 clients per Ethernet results in severe degradation when many clients are active. As a check, an Ethernet can sustain about 250-300 NFS ops/second on the SPECnfs_097 (LADDIS) benchmark, albeit at high collision rates. It is unwise to exceed 200 NFS ops/second on a sustained basis.

If necessary, 50 to 80 total clients per network are feasible on Token Ring networks, due to their superior degradation characteristics under heavy load (compared to Ethernet).