NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Configuring the Network When the Primary Application of Your Server Is Data-Intensive

If fiber cabling can't be used for logistical reasons, consider FDDI, CDDI, or SunFastEthernet(TM) over twisted-pair implementations. SunATM uses the same size fiber cabling as FDDI. For more information on FDDI, see the FDDI/S3.0 User's Guide.

Few data-intensive applications make continuous NFS demands. In typical data-intensive EDA and earth-resources applications, this results in 25-40 clients per ring.

A typical use consists of loading a big block of data that is manipulated then written back to the server. Because the data is written back, these environments can have very high write percentages.

This almost always requires a SPARCserver 1000, SPARCserver 1000E, SPARCcenter 2000, SPARCcenter 2000E system, or an Ultra Enterprise 3000, 4000, 5000, or 6000 system since useful communities require many networks. Configure a maximum of four to six clients per network.