Platform Notes: SPARCstation 10SX and SPARCstation 20 System Configuration Guide

Texture Mapping

The 3.1 release of the XGL/SX driver has limited support for accelerated texture mapping of 3d triangle_strips and multi_simple_polygons. All texture mapping functionality is fully supported. If the following XGL attributes are set to the indicated values, then the SPARCstation 10SX system and SPARCstation 20 system hardware is used to render the following textured surfaces:

 XGL_3D_CTX_SURF_FACE_DISTINGUISH FALSE XGL_3D_CTX_SURF_FRONT_ILLUMINATION XGL_ILLUM_NONE XGL_3D_CTX_SURF_TMAP_PERSP_CORRECTION XGL_TEXTURE_PERSP_NONE Xgl_texture_interp_method XGL_TEXTURE_INTERP_POINT (desc.interp_info.filter1/filter2) Xgl_texture_op XGL_TEXTURE_OP_REPLACE (desc.comp_info.render_component_desc[0].texture_op)

You also need sufficient SXDRAM available to hold the texture. Refer to Chapter 2, Reserving DRAM for SX Accelerated Applications for further details, such as the size of the texture that should be included when calculating the size of SXDRAM that needs to be reserved.