Platform Notes: SPARCstation 10SX and SPARCstation 20 System Configuration Guide

X Visuals

The XGL/SX driver supports the following subset of the available cg14 visuals:

Note that the application must recognize that 8-bit DirectColor and 8-bit TrueColor visuals exist, and be programmed to not use them with XGL (XGL will reject any attempt to make such a visual an XGL raster.) Also, since the window system can come up in defdepth 24 (see the openwin(1) man page), the application should not assume that the root window is of depth 8 with a default colormap available.


If accumulation buffering (global antialiasing) is intended, a non-zero jitter value must be used. The XGL/SX driver draws Bresenham-style lines in 3D when the X and Y jitter values are exactly zero, and true sampled lines (suitable for accumulation) otherwise.


To maximize performance, zero divides and floating point overflows are allowed to occur in normal operation of the XGL/SX driver. The default is to ignore these exceptions. If the application enables these exceptions, they should be set up to be ignored before calling XGL.


The SX uses the rasterization semantic for picking. See the Solaris XGL Reference Manual for a complete description of this semantic.


The XGL/SX driver supports only matching XGL_DEV_COLOR_TYPE and XGL_DEV_REAL_COLOR_TYPE; they must both be either XGL_COLOR_INDEX or XGL_COLOR_RGB. Otherwise, the slower XGL/Xlib driver will be used to render into the window raster.