Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Addressing a SPARCstorage Array

When addressing the SPARCstorage Array, the path name specifies the SPARCstorage Array controller or a disk in the SPARCstorage Array. The controller name is specified by its physical name. for example:


The controller name can also be specified by a name of the form cN, where N is the logical controller number. luxadm uses the cN name to find an entry in the /dev/rdsk directory of a disk that is attached to the SPARCstorage Array controller. The /dev/rdsk entry is then used to determine the physical name of the SPARCstorage Array controller.

A disk in the SPARCstorage Array is specified by its logical or physical device name. For example:




See the disks(1M) and devlinks(1M) man pages for more information on logical names for disks and subsystems.