Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Powering Off an Enclosure or Disk Drive (power_off)

Use the power_off subcommand to set an enclosure to the power-save mode.

Note -

StorEdge A5000 disk drives are not available when in the power-save mode.

When an Enclosure Services card in a SPARCstorage Array is addressed, the RSM tray is powered off.

When a disk drive in a StorEdge A5000 is addressed, the drive is set to the drive off/unmated state. When it is set to the drive off/unmated state, the drive is spun down (stopped) and put in the bypass mode.

Supported on:

luxadm [ -v ] power_off { enclosure[,dev]... | pathname...}

Table 2-19 power_off Options and Arguments




is the enclosure name of a StorEdge A50001.  


is the name of a specific disk in an enclosure1.  


is the physical or logical path name of a StorEdge A5000, SPARCstorage Array, or a specific disk in an array1.