Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Removing Devices (remove_device )

Use the remove_device subcommand to hot remove a disk drive, enclosure, or a chain of enclosures. This subcommand interactively guides you through the hot removal of one or more devices.

Supported on:

In the StorEdge A5000 disk array, the remove_device subcommand:

In the SPARCstorage RSM, the remove_device subcommand:

luxadm [ -v ] remove_device [ -F ] { enclosure,dev... | pathname... }

Table 2-30 remove_device Options and Arguments




Forces the hot-plugging operation on one or more devices even if those devices are being used by the host (and are, therefore, busy). Caution-- Removing devices that are in use will cause unpredictable results. Try to hot-plug normally (without -F) first, resorting to this option only when you are sure of the consequences of overriding normal hot-plugging checks.


The enclosure name of a StorEdge A5000 disk array 


The name of a specific disk in a disk array 


The physical or logical path name of a StorEdge A5000 or a specific disk in an array 


# luxadm remove_device macs1,f1

  WARNING!!! Please ensure that no filesystems are mounted
on these device(s).
  All data on these devices should have been backed up.

The list of devices which will be removed is:

  1: Box Name "macs1" frontslot 1

Please enter 'q' to Quit OR <Return> to Continue: 

stopping: Drive in "macs1" front slot 1....Done
offlining: Drive in "macs1" front slot 1....Done

Hit <Return> after removing the device(s).

You must physically remove the device at this time. After you hit a key, the following is displayed:

Drive in Box Name "macs1" front slot 1
    Removing Logical Nodes: 
	Removing c2t1d0s0
	Removing c2t1d0s1
	Removing c2t1d0s2
	Removing c2t1d0s3
	Removing c2t1d0s4
	Removing c2t1d0s5
	Removing c2t1d0s6
	Removing c2t1d0s7