Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Replacing Devices (replace_device)

Use the replace_device subcommand to hot replace a device.

The replace_device subcommand interactively guides you through the hot insertion of one or more devices. The replace_device subcommand:

Supported on:

luxadm [ -v ] replace_device [ -F ] pathname

Table 2-32 replace_device Options and Arguments




Forces the hot-plugging operation on one or more devices even if those devices are being used by the host (and are, therefore, busy). Caution-- Replacing devices which are in use will cause unpredictable results. Try to hot-plug normally (without -F) first, resorting to this option only when you are sure of the consequences of overriding normal hot-plugging checks.


A SPARCstorage Array controller or an individual disk