Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Recreating a Volume Manager Configuration on the New Drive

To re-create the replaced disk on the new drive:

  1. Configure the Volume Manager to recognize the disk drive.

    # vxdctl enable

  2. Use the vxdiskadm utility to replace the failed disk.

    Select the "Replace a failed or removed disk" option.

    This operation requires user confirmation. When prompted for a disk name to replace, use the disk media name from Step 4 of "Preparing to Replace the Disk Drive".

    vxdiskadm supplies a list of available disks to be used as replacements.

  3. Select the replacement drive.

    vxdiskadm automatically configures the replacement drive to match the failed drive.

    Redundant data is recovered automatically. Space for nonredundant data is created and identified. Nonredundant data must be recovered from backing store.

    See the vxdiskadm man page for further details.