Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Removing the Disk Drive

  1. Use the luxadm remove_device command to remove the disk.

    The luxadm remove_device command is interactive. You will be guided through the procedure for removing a device or chain of devices.

    # luxadm remove_device /dev/rdsk/c2t1d0s2
      WARNING!!! Please ensure that no filesystems are mounted
    on these device(s).
      All data on these devices should have been backed up.
    The list of devices which will be removed is:
      1: Box Name "macs1" front slot 1
    Please enter 'q' to Quit or <Return> to Continue: 
    stopping:  Drive in "macs1" front slot 1....Done
    offlining: Drive in "macs1" front slot 1....Done
    Hit <Return> after removing the device(s).

  2. Remove the disk drive and then hit any key.

    Note -

    The yellow LED on the designated disk drive(s) should be flashing.

    The following is displayed:

    Drive in Box Name "macs1" front slot 1
        Removing Logical Nodes: 
    	Removing c2t1d0s0
    	Removing c2t1d0s1
    	Removing c2t1d0s2
    	Removing c2t1d0s3
    	Removing c2t1d0s4
    	Removing c2t1d0s5
    	Removing c2t1d0s6
    	Removing c2t1d0s7