Platform Notes: Using luxadm Software

Preparing to Remove the Disk Drive

  1. Back up your system.

  2. Identify the disk media name for the disk you intend to remove.

    # vxdisk list | grep cwtxdysz

    For example, if the disk to be removed is c2t1d0, enter:

    # vxdisk list | grep c2t1d0
    c2t1d0s2     sliced    disk01       rootdg       online

    The disk media name is the third field in the output above: disk01.

    You can use the vxdiskadm utility to prepare the disk for removal.

  3. Type vxdiskadm in a shell.

    For example:

    # vxdiskadm

    This operation is interactive and requires user confirmation of the operation.

  4. Select the "Remove a disk" option.

    When prompted for a disk name to remove, type the disk media name from Step 2.

    vxdiskadm marks the disk to be removed.

    Refer to the vxdiskadm(1M) man page for further details.