Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Custom JumpStart Profiles

For information on the availability of the custom JumpStart(TM) method at your site, consult your system administrator. Table 1-4 lists platforms and hardware and software options that may require additional entries in custom profiles. These clusters might not be installed with the core distribution software group. Refer to the Solaris 7 SPARC Installation Instructions manual for more information.

When writing Custom JumpStart profiles, be sure to allow sufficient space in the root partition for software from the Supplement CD, such as software for SunVTS(TM) diagnostics.

Note -

For more information about automating Solaris installations, refer to Automating Solaris Installations: A Custom JumpStart Guide (Kasper/McClellan), a SunSoft Press/Prentice Hall publication.

Table 1-4 Additional Entries for Custom JumpStart Installations

If your system is or has 

Add the following lines to the profile 

SX Frame Buffer 

cluster SUNWCsx

S24 or FSV Frame Buffer 

cluster SUNWCtcx

Creator and Creator3D Graphics (including Series 2) 

cluster SUNWCffb

package SUNWxilvl


cluster SUNWCafb

package SUNWafbmn

package SUNWxfb.u

PGX Graphics Frame Buffer 

cluster SUNWCm64

SunSwift SBus Adapter 

cluster SUNWChmd

SunSwift PCI Adapter 

cluster SUNWChmd

SPARCstation 10SX 

cluster SUNWCsx

SPARCstation 20 

cluster SUNWCsx

Ultra 5, Ultra 10, Ultra 60, Ultra 250, Ultra 450 and Sun Enterprise 450 

cluster SUNWCpd

Sun Enterprise 10000 

cluster SUNWC4u1