Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Online Validation Test Suite Software (SunVTS)

The SunVTS(TM) online validation test suite is a diagnostic tool designed to test Sun hardware. By running multiple diagnostic hardware tests, the SunVTS software verifies the configuration and functionality of most hardware controllers and devices in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment.

Within this environment, you can run individual tests designed to validate all currently supported hardware that Sun sells. The SunVTS environment also allows programmers to develop their own tests and run them on SunVTS interfaces.

You can find the software for the SunVTS application on the Supplement CD. To use the SunVTS software, refer to the SunVTS 3.0 User's Guide, SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual, and the SunVTS Quick Reference Card.

Table 3-3 describes the main features of the SunVTS environment:

Table 3-3 SunVTS Diagnostic Tools



SunVTS kernel (vtsk)

The SunVTS kernel controls all aspects of the testing. It is a daemon designed to stay in the background, and to be used when needed. Upon starting, the SunVTS kernel probes the hardware configuration of the system under test and waits for instructions from a user interface. During testing, the SunVTS kernel coordinates the running of individual tests, and manages all the messages (informational and error messages) sent by these tests. 

SunVTS OPEN LOOK user interface (vtsui.o1)

This interface is designed to be run on top of OpenWindows. Through its numerous buttons and windows, users can set options, select tests, read log files, and start and stop testing sessions (plus many other options). 

SunVTS CDE user interface (vtsui)

This interface is designed to run on top of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). It will also run on top of OpenWindows if the CDE package SUNWdtbas is installed. Features are similar to the interface listed above (vtsui.o1).

SunVTS TTY user interface (vtstty)

Because not every system has a monitor, SunVTS has a TTY interface. This ASCII menu-based interface accepts various key sequences to control the test options and the test sessions. It can be used from a terminal, a shelltool, or a modem. 

Running an individual test from the command line 

Besides being run from a SunVTS user interface, each individual hardware test can be run from a UNIX\256TM command line. Running a test alone can be helpful to validate only one piece of hardware.

Custom test support 

A SunVTS user can run third-party executable test binaries under the SunVTS environment in the way that the test, rather than the SunVTS kernel, fully controls its input argument list and output log files. A user can simply modify the .customtest file provided by SunVTS to make it loosely coupled to the environment.

SunVTS Clusters and Packages

Table 3-4 provides a list of SunVTS clusters and packages needed to run the SunVTS diagnostic tool.

Table 3-4 SunVTS Clusters and Packages on the Supplement CD


Includes Packages 





Online Validation Test Suite 

SunVTS kernel, User Interface (UI), tests and tools 



Online Validation Test Suite Manual Pages 

Manual pages for SunVTS utilities/binaries 




Standalone configuration reader 



Online Validation Test Suite 

64-bit Online Validation Test Suite software 



Online Validation Test Suite Diagnostics 

Online diagnostics tool software 

Note: SUNWodu is not installed via WebStart. You must install it using pkgadd.

Installing SunVTS Software

To install the SunVTS software, follow these steps:

  1. Start CDE or OpenWindows.

  2. Insert the Supplement CD into your CD-ROM drive.

    The File Manager window is displayed.

  3. Open a command window and become superuser using the su command and superuser password.

  4. Enter the swmtool command at the # prompt:

    # /usr/sbin/swmtool

    The Admintool:Software window is displayed.

  5. Select Add from the Edit Menu.

    The Admintool:Set Source Media window is displayed.

  6. Type :

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Product

    The Admintool:Add Software window is displayed.

  7. In the Admintool:Add Software window, select the package clusters you want: Online diagnostics Tool Software 3.0, Online Validation Test Suite Software 3.0, and/or 64 Bit Online Validation Test Suite Software 3.0.

  8. Click Add.

    The installation process should take a few minutes.

  9. Quit Admintool.

Using SunVTS Software

To use SunVTS software, refer to the SunVTS 3.0 User's Guide in the Solaris 7 on Sun Hardware AnswerBook set. For SunVTS test and quick reference information, refer to the SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual and SunVTS Quick Reference Card.