Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

SunFDDI Drivers Included on the Supplement CD

The following FDDI drivers are provided on the Supplement CD contained in your Solaris 7 Media Kit:.

Table 3-12 SunFDDI Clusters and Packages

Cluster Name 

Includes Packages 




SunFDDI Sbus drivers 



SunFDDI Sbus header files 



SunFDDI Sbus man pages 



SunFDDI Sbus utilities 



SunFDDI PCI drivers 



SunFDDI PCI header files 



SunFDDI PCI man pages 



SunFDDI PCI utilities 

Note -

SunFDDI supports booting from the 32-bit kernal or the 64-bit kernal. SunFDDI will attach to whichever you choose to boot from with no special user interaction.

Installing SunFDDI Drivers

To install SunFDDI, follow these steps:

  1. Start CDE or OpenWindows.

  2. Insert the Supplement CD into your CD-ROM drive.

    The File Manager window is displayed.

  3. Open a command window and become superuser using the su command and superuser password.

  4. Enter the swmtool command at the # prompt:

    # /usr/sbin/swmtool

    The Admintool:Software window is displayed.

  5. Select Add from the Edit Menu.

    The Admintool:Set Source Media window is displayed.

  6. Type:

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Product

    The Admintool:Add Software window is displayed.

  7. In the Admintool:Add Software window, select either SunFDDI PCI Driver Software 2.0 or SunFDDI Sbus Driver Software 6.0, whichever is appropriate for your system.

  8. Click Add.

    The installation process should take a few minutes.

  9. Quit Admintool.

    Note -

    For more infornation about the SunFDDI Drivers, refer to Platform Notes: SunFDDI Drivers.