Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Error Messages

Most of the error messages were documented within the flash PROM update procedure. This section contains error messages that were not part of the flash PROM update procedure.

Retained Page/mmap Failure

If you see an error message similar to the following, just after the flash update program logs on Flash Update 2.0: Program and system initialization in progress... eeprom:(attach) No retained page found in device tree then the update will fail with the following message if the Flash PROM Update is attempted:

Do you wish to update the firmware in the system Flash PROM? yes/no : yes
eeprom:(mmap) on retained page failed: no retained page found
Flash Update: MMAP call failed.
: No such device or address

If this error occurs, issue a reboot command at the superuser prompt and allow the system to return to the Flash PROM Update inquiry WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. Attempt the flash PROM Update once again by completing the steps in the section "To Update the Flash PROM". If the reboot was uninterrupted and the flash PROM Update fails a second time for the same reason, contact your Authorized Service Provider.