Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Supported Peripherals

Table 8-2 shows the peripherals supported by Power Management software.

Table 8-2 Power Management Supported Peripherals



Frame Buffers 

Black and white frame buffer driver 


24-bit color frame buffer driver 


Accelerated 8-bit color frame buffer driver 


8-bit color frame buffer driver 


SX graphic driver 


Creator and Creator3D graphics accelerators 


FFB2 graphics 


PGX graphics frame buffer 


ATI graphics (m64) 


SBus driver 


SBus memory driver 


SBus DMA gate array driver 


Sysio SBus driver 


Emulex Intelligent SCSI Processor driver 


Emulex SCSI Processor host adapter driver 


SCSI disk driver 


SCSI tape driver 


Symbios SCSI host adapter 


Intel 82072/82077 floppy disk driver 

LANCE (Am7990) Ethernet driver 

Zilog 8530 SCC Serial Communications driver 

Serial I/O driver for Multi-Interface Chip (MIC) 

Dual Basic Rate ISDN and audio interface driver 

CS 4231 Audio Chip driver 

AMD AM79C30A Audio Chip driver 

Bi-directional Parallel Port driver 

Profile driver 

SunSwift SBus Adapter drivers 

SunSwift PCI Adapter drivers 

SunFDDI Single-Attach PCI Adapter 

SunFDDI Dual-Attach PCI Adapter 

SUNTRI Token Ring Interface PCI Adapter 

Dual Single-ended UltraSCSI PCI Adapter 

Dual Differential UltraSCSI PCI Adapter