Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

2.2 Platforms and Packages

This product is supported on the following platforms:

The runtime product includes the following unique packages:

The following sections describe the details of each package.

2.2.1 SUNWsacom

The SUNWsacom package contains all the configuration files corresponding to the other three packages. The files in this package are installed in the /root and /var file systems. These files include configuration files and other common files.

2.2.2 SUNWsasnm

The SUNWsasnm package includes:

2.2.3 SUNWsadmi

Within SUNWsadmi, the package includes:

2.2.4 SUNWmibii

The SUNWmibii package contains the mibiisa MIB II subagent. The subagent provides MIB II functionality. The functionality provided by MIB II subagent is the same as that provided by the snmpd agent released with Domain Manager.

2.2.5 SUNWsasdk

This package contains SNMP Toolkit and the DMI Toolkit to build the subagents.

SNMP Toolkit contains:

DMI Toolkit includes: