Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

2.3 Installation Procedure

Packages are installed using the pkgadd command and are removed by the pkgrm command.

Note -

The snmpXdmid must be configured properly in the Master Agent configuration files.

2.3.1 Remove Existing Packages

Caution - Caution -

Before starting your installation procedure, be sure you log in as root. Then follow the procedures below.

If these packages don't exist, you don't have to remove them.

2.3.2 Add New Packages

With the addition of each package, you receive both the English and French copyrights, then a series of prompts that you can either answer specifically or accept the default.

  1. Add SUNWmibii:

    pkgadd -d . SUNWmibii

  2. Add SUNWsasnm:

    pkgadd -d . SUNWsasnm

  3. Add SUNWsadmi:

    pkgadd -d . SUNWsadmi

  4. Add SUNWsacom:

    pkgadd -d . SUNWsacom

  5. Add SUNWsasdk

    pkgadd -d . SUNWsasdk

    When you add the SUNWsadmi package, the dmispd and snmpXdmid processes start upon reboot of the system.

    The SUNWsacom package consists of two script files; init.dmi and init.snmpdx. The SNMP daemon, snmpdx, is invoked by init.snmpdx. The snmpdx process automatically starts the mibiisa daemon.

    The dmispd process is invoked through the RC script files when the system is booted, as is snmpdx. The snmpXdmid mapper process is invoked after the dmispd has been invoked.

    Note -

    When deleting or adding packages, be sure you follow the order described above.