Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

5.7 Mapper

The mapper is an SNMP subagent acting as a DMI management application. It sends management requests to the DMI SP using the management interface. It also processes events from the component through the SP and passes them on to the Master Agent. Thus, the DMI-enabled component looks like any other SNMP-managed component. Figure 5-3 illustrates the mapper and component communication.

Figure 5-3 DMI Mapper and DMI Components


The following sections describe the subagent tasks during the life cycle.

5.7.1 Subagent Initialization/Reinstallation

5.7.2 Invoking the Mapper

The mapper is invoked using the following options:

snmpXdmid -s hostname [-h] [-c config_dir] [-d debug_level]

Table 5-3 Invoking DMI SP Arguments




Displays the command line usage 

-s hostname

The name of the host where the SP is running; by default it is the local host 

-c config_dir

The full path of the directory containing the snmpXdmid.conf configuration file

-d debug_level

In debug mode, the process does not run as a daemon and it displays trace messages on the display screen; depending on the debug_level (1-5), it prints a specific amount of information