Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

6.1 Using SNMP With DMI Overview

Solstice Enterprise Agents (SEA) technology enables management applications that communicate with SNMP to access DMI-enabled components through a DMI mapper called snmpXdmid. SNMP uses protocol data units to send information between management applications and agents distributed in the network. A standard MIB describes all objects that are managed by SNMP management applications. The agent programs supply or change the values of MIB objects, as requested by the management applications.

The DMI mapper snmpXdmid provides a mapping function that dynamically translates DMI information into the SNMP MIB format for communication with SNMP management applications. An SNMP management application may send requests to snmpXdmid, that in turn converts the SNMP requests into DMI requests. The conversion is performed again, in reverse, when the DMI response is returned. This enables the SNMP management application to participate in active management of DMI-enabled components.

This chapter describes how DMI and SNMP work together, and how to map data between SNMP MIB and DMI MIF.

Figure 6-1 illustrates how snmpXdmid works with other parts of the Solstice Enterprise Agents product.

Figure 6-1 snmpXdmid Overview