Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

5.4.1 DMI Service Provider

The DMI SP is the core of the DMI solution. Management applications and Component instrumentations communicate with each other through the SP. The SP coordinates and arbitrates requests from the management application to the specified component instrumentations. SP handles runtime management of the Component Interface (CI) and the Management Interface (MI), including component installation, registration at the MI and CI level, request serialization and synchronization, event handling for CI, and general flow control and housekeeping.

Figure 5-2 illustrates the elements that exist within a single system, or are directly attached. The management application may be used as a DMI browser.

Figure 5-2 DMI Service Provider


The DMI SP consists of four modules: Management Interface

The MI functionality for the SEA includes the following: Component Interface

The components communicate with the DMI through the CI. The components' subagents are created by end users to manage the respective components (devices/applications, etc.). The following functions are provided by the CI: MIF Database

The MIF database functionality for the SEA includes the following: