Solaris 7 3/99 Online Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

Compiling Motif Programs on Solaris 7 (4172061)

This problem occurs when compiling a Motif program in the Solaris 7 operating environment if you link to an older shared library that has been compiled in the Solaris 2.5 or Solaris 2.6 operating environments and if the older library also uses the Motif API. In this case the Motif program uses Motif version 2.1 and the old shared library uses Motif version 1.2. A core dump occurs. This is not a binary compatibility problem for applications compiled in the Solaris 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1, 2.6 operating environments. Those applications should run correctly in the Solaris 7 operating environment.

Workaround: When you use either one of the following two workarounds, copy the Solaris 2.6 Motif header file directory Xm located in /usr/dt/include/ to a temporary directory.