Solaris 7 3/99 Online Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

SPARC only: restore from sys-suspend Sometimes Does Not Restore CDE (4174133)

sys-suspend(1M) may hang and not refresh the screen on some slow systems. After a system is resumed, Screen Lock is in effect by default. This problem occurs after you enter a user password. A white screen is displayed instead of a Common Desktop Environment (CDE) screen. Although you can gain access to the system remotely, you cannot enter anything because the screen is still locked. If this problem occurs, you can recover the CDE session by remotely logging on the system as superuser and then killing the sys-suspend process.

Workaround: If this problem has occurred as a result of executing autoshutdown, use the dtpower(1M) application to disable autoshutdown. The problem does not occur if you execute sys-suspend without the Screen Lock option.

Refer to "Disabling the Screen Lock" in Using Power ManagementSolaris 7 Reference Manual Collection for a description on how to disable the Screen Lock for sys-suspend invoked by the keyboard's power key. To disable the Screen Lock for the sys-suspend command that is invoked from the CDE Workspace Menu:

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Create the following dtaction file /etc/dt/appconfig/types/locale/sunOW.dt. The locale is the name of the language option that is selected when you start CDE.

  3. Copy the ACTION SDTsuspend { ... } definition from /usr/dt/appconfig/types/locale/sunOW.dt to /etc/dt/appconfig/types/locale/sunOW.dt.

  4. Add the -x flag to sys-suspend command in the /etc/dt/appconfig/types/locale/sunOW.dt file.

  5. Exit the CDE session and log in again.