Solaris 7 3/99 Online Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

The Motif Window Manager (MWM) Is No Longer Supported in the Solaris 2.6 and 2.7 Operating Environment

If you are currently using the MWM, upgrade to CDE desktop. The CDE desktop provides superior functionality and the transition is not difficult. The following information is provided if you cannot upgrade from the MWM to the full CDE desktop.

If you have developed applications using the Motif Development kit that shipped with the 2.5 Software Developer's Kit, you can now use dtwm, the Windows Manager, that is part of CDE. The Windows Manager can be used just like the MWM. The Windows Manager also supports resource files for the MWM. The following actions can be taken to make the Windows Manager appear similar to an existing MWM configuration.

Turn off the dtwm front panel using the following settings:

Dtwm*useFrontPanel:      False

This resource can be set in .Xdefaults, or the existing resource can be changed from True to False in the file /usr/dt/app-defaults/C/Dtwm

The dtwm option -name allows the use of most existing mwm resources. The -name option is documented in the dtwm man page.

MWM customers may or may not depend on the following file: $HOME/.mwmrc. There is a dtwm resource config file that can be set to make dtwm read the file $HOME/.mwmrc. This resource is documented in the dtwm man page.

The root menu for dtwm and mwm is not the same. The dtwm root menu is fully configurable. You can make any changes in the root menu. See the man pages for dtwm and dtwmrc.